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5 090 EUR = egg donation + accommodation for 7 nights + transfers from/to the Prague airport. The entire communication regarding a treatment , synchronization of recipient's and donor eggs' cycles, ovarian stimulation of donor of eggs, endometrial stimulation , donor eggs retrieval, consultation ,and transfer of embryos are performed by doctor -  the specialist in the assisted reproduction. You can email the doctor: or make a phone call : +420774520757


Emma & Kenneth , Baltimore , USA

February 04 ,2020

Thank you so much Dr. Silhan and everyone else there who helped bring our little babies to this world.

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Stella and Harry , Manchester , U.K.

December 12 ,2019

"Hi Vaclav , would like to introduce you to our beautiful baby girl Daisy .. born at 7 23 this morning weighing 8,5 lb.. ! . Just want to say thank you again for everything. She is perfect.. "

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John & Lucy, Seattle, U.S.A.

July 29 ,2019

Hello Vaclav, Here is the baby boy, Edward , thank you so much!

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Natalie, Toronto, Canada

June 29 ,2019

Dear Vaclav, I hope you are well!!!! David and I just want to thank you for all you did to help us have a family. We are thrilled to welcome our little Thomas . He arrived today at 1:17am and he is absolutely gorgeous! We love him to bits. Thanks again!!!!

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Bethany, Ipswich, UK

June 17 ,2019

I’ve been a little bit naughty & tested early because it is Fathers Day here today so was hoping for the perfect Father’s Day gift..... and we got it!! We can’t Thankyou enough! So so happy!

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Tiffany, Guildford, U.K.

May 24 ,2019

Hi vaclav.. baby doing growing nicely at 13 and a half weeks :)

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Emory and the Odham Family. , California , U.S.A

May 16 ,2019

Dear Dr Silhan and Staff, We remain eternally grateful for our gift of Emory ! She is a light in the world that continues to glow very brightly. We cannot imagine our lives without her in it.

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Colleen & Eddie , East Grinstead, U.K.

April 23 ,2019

" Hello Vaclav our baby girl safely arrived on 11/04/2019 she is perfect all went well. We are so pleased and thankful for everything you and your team did for us thank you to you all "

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Debbie & Alistair , Rochester, U.K.

April 01 ,2019

" I am pregnant, thank you so much :)))))"

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Laura & John , Southampton, U.K.

March 07 ,2019

Hi Vaclav , here is a photo of the twins ! Just want to say a massive thank you!

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Hradec Kralove is a city that has many hotels, pensions and accommodation of all categories and each of our patients find accommodation matching their taste and their budget.

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About us

The main advantage of our reproductive medical center is a medical technique perfected matter, similar to the best European centers.

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